While Phoebe is in our home she has her cute moments. She doesn’t jump on our bed as if she thinks it is not allowed, but will thoroughly enjoy it when we carry her into bed with us to cuddle –She also climbs into our laps when she can, very much like a manja cat.

For the strangest reasons our cats are totally at ease with her, even when she sometimes snaps at them if they bug her. No one gets injured during these snaps but I have been training her not to do that. She can’t be spanked because it would undo all the re-training we have been doing to make her a docile dog like she is now. So I scold her instead, and turn to withholding affection from her when she throws a mini-tantrum. She now knows it’s wrong to get upset when our cats get close to her or to us. And the best part is that our cats are friendly towards her and have accepted her, more so than any other dog we have fostered before!

She is much more comfortable in a home setting than in a pen at the shop, and her behaviour only gets better by the day. It is a far cry from the girl we first met, the one who gnarled and bit us when we tried to go near her, the one that always seemed sad and frightened.

As we get to know this girl we also find out her likes and dislikes. Her favourite treats are Jerhigh. She likes Cosi pet milk. She enjoys playing fetch. She doesn’t mind playing dress-up. She likes to be carried. She enjoys walking on grass. She barks softly when she thinks there are intruders. She is scared of very loud noises (which makes it easy to scold her when she does something she shouldn’t!). She doesn’t climb furniture but enjoys trotting around the house. She gets along well with cats more than she does with dogs. She is protective. She is loyal.

If you are a cat-lover who has been looking to adopt a dog that your cat will accept, Phoebe really is the one. Phoebe is still available for adoption as we have not yet found a suitable adopter for her. Do contact Aswat at 93378211 or myself at 90880675 to visit Phoebe if you are keen on adopting her.

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