Dear readers, adopters and supporters,

We apologise if we haven’t been phone- and email-available for all of you. To be honest, Aswat and myself are extremely exhausted from our work. To the point where we are mentally and physically drained by our passion for the animals we help. Aswat with the daily care, medication, grooming of the animals in our custody and with liaising with many kind folks who have stepped forward looking to adopt. I am exhausted from the after-care support we give our adopters, with growing pains of talking to folks who donate and volunteer, with writing and updating our animal stories on this blog. All this is good work but heavy work for us now that we are growing.

So do bear with us if we are slow to reply when you call us or email us. Last month alone we re-homed about 20 cats, a record-breaker so while we are making ripples in animal welfare work we are also very stretched.

We are touched by the kindness of so many of you, grateful for your readership, donations, and for opening your hearts for adopting disadvantaged animals we rescue. We still love our work, but have to take it down a notch sometimes to recharge, regroup and go on doing the best we can for the animals we reach.

To alleviate our current crazy workloads, we would like for you to help us in the following:

  • If you are keen on viewing and adopting, please go directly to Angels Pet Shop at Blk 302 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-49 in the afternoons or evenings. Please do not text Aswat at his cell because he may not be able to attend to every SMS he receives. If you need to call regarding adoption, please call Angels Pet Shop at 67489810; but it be best if you visit directly for now.
  • If you have questions regarding after-care of your adoption from us, please bear with me if I take a while to reply your emails and SMSes as I might not be able to attend to everyone at the same time.
  • If you have intentions to visit, bring donations-in-kind or to volunteer, please visit us at Angels Pet Shop so we can meet you, we will be there every night. You do not need to contact us beforehand, we always welcome visitors.

This blip in our service is temporary, we will be back to our passionate energetic selves soon and all communication lines will reopen again. I do enjoy writing and meeting people for the cause of Ubi Kuching Project, and likewise Aswat really loves animals and caring for them. We just need a bit of respite for these few days. I will keep our Twitter updated, and Andy will still update Facebook.

Thank you all for your support, Ubi Kuching Project would not have touched so many lives, animal and human alike, without you.

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