investing in revolution

We are hoping to have Revolution Pink on hand to medicate the kittens we rescue that are 6 weeks and older. Revolution cures a host of many problems often found in disadvantaged stray kittens, which is the bulk of the population we have in our custody. Apart from fleas and ticks, it also treats 2 out of 4 kinds of intestinal worms (roundworm and hookworm), scabies, heartworm, and ear mites. Ear mites, ticks and fleas are the most common problems in rescued stray kittens.

Unfortunately, Angels Pet Shop does not currently sell Revolution products, and is currently undercapitalised to invest in this product range. One vial of Revolution cat costs ~$18. Angels is planning to budget for investing in this product range in the future so adopters and Aswat’s customers, as well as Ubi Kuching Project can have it available for purchase at the shop, but for now, Angels does not yet carry it.

For now, we are hoping to help the kittens in our custody by purchasing some Revolution Pink for the animals we rescue and for those that are already in our custody. We currently treat the kittens for worms with deworming solution and/or tablets, fleas with flea shampoo and spray and manual removal, ear mites with baby oil and topical ear treatments.

Our current budget does not allow Ubi Kuching Project to invest in this veterinary expense yet, as the funds we have now are supporting the boarding for the animals as well as for the sterilisation of Upper Boon Keng and Ubi Zone 2 cats which we have planned this month. We do not plan on increasing our adoption fees to include this extra treatment for kittens 6 weeks and older. Which means we will need to raise funds for the specific purpose of purchasing Revolution for Ubi Kuching Project’s rescued kittens if we would like to improve our quality of care for the animals going forward.

If you are keen on supporting our investment, you can donate cash directly to Ubi Kuching Project specifying that you are supporting this Revolution investment, or give donations-in-kind in the form of Revolution Pink, available in vets and pet stores. In the meantime, we will continue with our current level of care till we can afford even better care. With Revolution, we can better treat 6 weeks and older kittens. Kittens younger than 6 weeks will still be dewormed via syrup/tablets and go through the current level of topical treatments for fleas and ear mites. Older kittens already have a harder time getting humans to love them, let’s work hard to give them an even better level of care with Revolution Pink.

If you are keen on donating other kinds of veterinary supplies, see here.

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