These two have become firm friends now that they are the only two kittens left yet adopted. We really love them and hope they get adopted soon.

Jackie and Beauty are very similar in their personalities. Both enjoy cuddles, and are purring machines. Jackie is a bit more outgoing, and purrs harder too. She is very affectionate, doing stuff like nose-kissing and suckling your finger. Beauty is more of a lap cat, who enjoys watching the world go by with you, never begging for attention, but always willing to give it herself whenever you want her companionship. Both have thick short fur, Jackie more so.

See how they simply sit still allowing Andy to snap away with our camera. It can be very calming sometimes to just watch them hang out, snooze or explore. They would make great pet cats for folks who may be too busy to take care of young kittens but would like to adopt cats from a young age. Jackie especially will need a big-hearted owner who is willing to care for a handicapped cat for life.

If you are keen on adopting Jackie or Beauty, please visit Angels Pet Shop at Block 302 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-49, or call Aswat at 67489810. See right side-bar for more information on adoption.

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