Jackie’s owner Cassandra brought an a-okay Jackie for a visit today!

Jackie on volunteer Tity’s shoulder at Angels

Jackie’s flu’ has completely healed after being on another round of antibiotics and anti-mucolytics. She was completely at ease at Angels, a place she had called home for over a month, hanging out with Mini Sunshine, Feather and Shiro who was also there for a visit. Every one of us loved seeing her and was so glad to see her looking well!

Cassandra is adopting Mini Sunshine as a playmate for Jackie, and will be bringing him home this weekend – they already had their first round of successful introductions earlier. Mini thought he was going home today and went inside Jackie’s carrier. Jackie sniffed at Mini a little and gave her nod of approval of him as her younger brother-to-be.

Jackie has also been getting along well with the rabbits in her new home, teasing them to play with her and stealing their pellets and hay to play with. The rabbits have accepted her as part of the family, and so has the human family – Jackie enjoys watching TV together with the family! We are glad that Jackie has a good home and has brought so much joy to her new family.

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  • hi avalon,
    i was in singapore last saturday until tuesday. i was really really amazed at how great the stray cats look there. every single adult cat i saw had a tipped ear, so i knew they had all been neutered.. and they were all fat and healthy and cuddly and sweet. AMAZING! totally different from malaysia. i saw neutered strays in tiong bahru, haji lane.. EVERYWHERE!!!
    i did see a few kittens though.. about 5 or 6 months old but i couldn't rescue them coz i can't bring them through to malaysia.. i should've looked for your phone number or something.. one was a grey striped female tabby at glutton square next to esplanade. i fed her lots and she was fearful and meowed a lot but she ate with gusto. i took some photos of her.. do you want to see? i also saw a group of 4 teenage kittens, about 4 or 5 months old.. all striped grey tabbies with white patches at the intersection of northbridge and ophir in front of golden landmark building.. in the bushes by the overhead bridge.. i think the building was called golden landmark.. well it was golden something.. if you're in the area.. maybe you can keep an eye out for them? thanks

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