kitten-rescue excursion to geylang lor 40

Sunday night, at about 9pm, Andy and I cycled to Geylang Lorong 40 – Sunny Spring condo – to help rescue some kittens from being culled.

The caregiver of the place, Liyin, had already exhausted all options in trying to get hold of the stray kittens in her community. When we went to the condo, we understood why.

It was like a maze, where the cats in the gardens could access to the basement car-park through vents and open ledges, hanging out on the ducts and pipes at the car-park ceiling. If they weren’t walking on ducts and pipes, they were hiding out in the bushes of the gardens.

It took us about two hours to get two kittens. We had spotted three in total, and one other kitten has already gone missing.

Not only was it an urban-maze, the kittens, their mother and their father cats, are all extremely feral. It is no wonder Liyin has not been able to sterilise this lot of cats. Now because the mother cat is still lactating, she will not be able to carry out sterilisation till earliest next month.

While we were there, we saw the cat-traps set up around the estate. What the condo management does is leave the traps out 24-7, and if a cat or kitten gets caught inside, they call up AVA or pest-control to come take the cats away, regardless of how young the cats are.

We advised her to speak to the condo management again, to stay whatever culling they are doing till she manages to sterilise the cats, giving them a specific time-line as to when she will be able to sterilise them all.

As for the two we rescued, at least we know they won’t ever be in a cat trap somewhere in Sunny Spring condo from now on. They are now at our home, after an intense shower, de-fleaing, and grooming. There is no more boarding space at Angels, so we brought home the kitten pen Aswat had ordered for us to place the kittens in at our home.

The two kittens, a pair of siblings about 6-weeks-old, will need to be socialised, dewormed, de-fleaed again. They are already slightly less feral, allowing themselves to be subjected to the intense flea-removal session we had with them earlier where we manually picked out all the fleas. Overall, they are healthy, not showing any signs of flu’ or dehydration. Will update with pictures once they are ready for adoption. For now, they will be fostered by us.

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