After our little Bundle came to our home last night, I put her on a bottle-feeding schedule. At her age of about 2 weeks old, her feedings can be about 3-4 hourly, but because she had been starving the whole day and was at first unable to drink much, I put her on 2 hourly feedings till about 5 a.m. Now she is on a 4-hourly bottle feeding schedule.

She has finally started moving about more, and I heard her voice for the first time during her 5 p.m. feeding. It was weak. She is also having teary eyes and some sniffles now and then, so I have added one drop of vitamins to her milk, lubricated her eyes, cleaned out the discharge.

She has this really cute coat of wiry fur, with some stray strands of white fur, like Wirehair cats. Her eyes are extremely Oriental. She is so exotic!

I hope she pulls through. She is getting better, but kittens fall ill so easily. Her sniffling seems to have abated, now just need to reduce the inflammation that makes her eyes teary.

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  • yea I was so happy when she moved around, meowed and pooped for the first time! am now trying to cradle her more often so she stays warm and feels alive, read that touch therapy is vital for young kittens.

  • great job with bundle so far!! she already looks much better than in your first post about her. i think she'll pull through. you have to stay positive. the vitamins you're giving her will help a lot i'm sure!

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