Read their stories and ogle more kitty-pictures of Rain and Feather:

“Meow! I is Rain boy-boy! I never knew how to be a happy kitty before, my mother always told me to be careful of humans coz they will trap us and keel us!”

“Mew-yes! But now when our foster mommy comes to feed us and take care of us we is purr and mew back at her! Foster mommy says I has nice long white fluffy fur! Is happy to be pretty. She also says I has exclamation mark on my body.

(Feather does have a black ‘!’ on the right side of her body.)

“We be needing new homes, foster mommy says. She says we will make humans very happy because we are so cute. Please adopt us!”

To visit and adopt Feather and Rain, call Elaine at 90880675.

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  • Yes agree! They are so cute, getting cuter every day. Even our 3 cats like them. No suitable adopter-match found for them yet. Do spread the word!

  • omg rain and feather are soooooooooooo cute!!!! they're so cute they make my eyes hurt!! they look so much alike. it would be so wonderful and awesome if someone could adopt them together.. a perfect matching pair of siblings.. 🙂

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