This is Mike and Mish, two white with lilac kittens that are about 4 weeks old. Both of them have the same lilac spots and tails – long ones. They remind us of Misha and Jag-Ollie in their looks.

They were borne of a stray cat mother in Upper Boon Keng. A cat rescuer there took the mother and her kittens in, and now that the kittens have been weaned have sent the mother cat for sterilisation and replaced her back at her territory. Two of the kittens had died earlier on, Mike and his sister Mish are the survivors.

Both Mike and Mish are healthy. They have been dewormed and groomed and are available for adoption. They might have had a spot of runny nose before they came to us because they sport some discharge-abrasions around their noses but both are now flu’-free and after grooming them their eyes and noses remain clean.

Mike is a quiet boy who prefers to lounge around, is more of a cuddly lap-cat, Mish is an active and playful girl who loves running around and exploring. Both siblings get along well with each other. They are currently on canned and kitten food. If you are keen on adopting these siblings, please visit Angels Pet Shop @ Ubi Ave 1, Block 302, #01-49 either in the afternoons or evenings before 9pm.

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