more rain and feather

From extremely feral cats – to friendly docile kitties! Here’s more Rain and Feather!

Feather’s feathery fur

Rain finally being a bit more manja
Feather finally consenting to cuddling up with us

Both of them are eating, playing and eliminating well, and no longer have any more fleas. Rain has been meowing to us for attention, and Feather meows thank you when we feed her. Both enjoy cuddling up to each other, playing with their toys and scratching posts. They are content with eating their food dry, which makes them really easy to feed. Their coats are quite long for local cats, single-coated, and their tails are long and black with no visible kinks.

If you are keen on adopting Rain and Feather, please contact Elaine at 90880675 to arrange for a visit at Angels Pet Shop, Blk 302 #01-49 Ubi Avenue 1. We will be bringing the siblings down to Angels tomorrow evening.

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