our kittening pen – ferret cage from (edit:) CYH brand

Much talk about the pen we use at our own home to foster Rain and Feather; here is a more in-depth look at our cool cage!

The cage comes on wheels and the whole cage can be dismantled. The plywood flooring can be removed to clear the spill tray beneath.

The cage has two doors, very useful when you want to grab the bowls to refill without having the kittens run out. Edit: the doors open with the catch on the left and the hinges on the right. The whole door can be easily removed if you need to do some clearing up.

The bottom level we put the litter tray and scratching post with mobile toys. They play with the toys and use the scratching post to strop as well as climb to the top levels where their food is.
They can sleep on either levels.

Addendum: Just made a hammock for them, marinated with catnip, so now they have a third storey to climb to and can access to the hanging post more easily. Also, the price is about $150 from Angels Pet Shop and you can choose which inserts you want for the floor base.

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  • We got it at cost price via Angels Pet Shop since it is for Ubi Kuching Project cats. It probably retails for $100+. We were looking to spend around $100 because most cages are in the $200-$300 range which we simply cannot afford. Thankfully we have Angels Pet Shop to support Ubi Kuching work!

    The blue level inserts come with the cage. Not the bowls – the bowls were a gift from volunteer Ivy who bought them from Bangkok, who also gave us the hanging dangling mini scratching pole with the blue feathers. The scratching post is ours – it is a one level scratching post with dangling toys, useful for kittens, costs about $30. The litter pans (red trays) are from hardware store. The plywood inserts come with the cage, you can choose from a variety of inserts or not put one at all.

    The brand is Alex brand, which is one of the leading local brands in small animal accessories. If you would like to order one, call up Angels to get you one and Aswat will likely give you a discount too.

    Fostering with a pen really helps! We can confine the kittens before they feel comfortable enough to roam the house. We used to confine them in the kitchen, which meant that our cats' main toilet and their food and water fountain was out of bounds to them.

  • that is one awesome cage setup!! i'd love to have something like that for my foster kitties.. was it expensive? did it come with those trays for the bowls and stuff?

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