This is Poppy, who was found after a long search, parked hiding in a drain in Joo Chiat.

She had been meowing non-stop for the longest time, all the neighbours in the next building had heard her. After three days of meow-full investigation, they finally managed to trace her loud meows to a drain behind a terrace house. In about an hour, they rescued Poppy.

She is a beautiful lilac tabby girl, about 4 weeks old, bobtailed, brick-red nose leather, with a vocal personality, enjoys the company of other cats. She is currently boarding with Rain, Feather, Kenny and Puma and is available for adoption, preferably together with either of them for company. If you are keen on visiting Poppy to adopt her, do call Aswat at 67489810 or visit Angels Pet Shop where she is now boarding.

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