preventing cat pee on plants

Many complaints we hear from non-animal lovers are that stray cats pee in their potted plants. This is more true for those who live on first floor apartments and houses, and is even more true for those who unwisely allow their own cats outdoor access.

Apart from the universal citrus scents or citronella plants that can be used to repel cats from approaching said plants, I found an article that has other tips on how to prevent cats from peeing in plants.

Taken from Cats of Australia website:

  • Put aluminum foil over the soil . Most cats don’t like to walk on it.
  • Put pine cones in the pot. The pricklier the better.
  • Cover the soil with large irregular shaped pebbles or stones. Not so comfortable for the cat when trying to dig in the soil.
  • Use a strong citrus or citronella spray around the top of the pot. Most cats don’t like citrus smell. Alternatively you can put orange or lemon peel around the plant.
  • Put chicken wire over the earth. Bend it so it is raised off the surface of the soil. The cat will feel insecure if he jumps on it and also it will stop him digging.
  • Cut fly screen to fit the size of the top of the pot. Cut a split in it and place it around the stem of the plant and place it so it lies over the soil.
  • Put double sided sticky tape around the top of the pot. This may deter the cat from hopping in. They don’t like the feel of it on their paws.
  • Use a spray bottle containing water to squirt at your cat when you catch him in the act of peeing in the pot plant, or for longer range get a kid’s water pistol.

If you have neighbours that complain about this problem, do help them by suggesting and even assist in implementing these suggestions. Neighbourly relations are important and should be maintained as harmoniously as possible! Some people may simply just love plants more than cats, others may hate cats more because of this problem. The next time you hear about neighbours complaining of stray cats in their plants, you know what to do to promote peace in the world for cats and human alike.

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