Here are pictures of Rain and Feather!

Rain, the boy

Feather, the girl

They are still hissing a lot, and stressed enough not to amble about or eat lots. So I have kept them in the kittening pen and will let them play about the house with our cats when they are feeling more at ease. They hiss every time we go near them, talk to them, feed them or carry them. So they will need a lot more socialisation before they will make good house pets. I hope they become happy kitties soon! Here are more pics of them, with Feather hissing at me while I was snapping away…

Feather, left, hissing at me

Rain, with the rain-drop patch on his nose

Both of them huddled together in the pen

Rain is more vocal, meowing when he needs something. He is also bigger in size, with more black patches than Feather. Both as we socialise them more we will find out more about their individual personalities. Will keep all of you updated on their progress!

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