Another kitten-socialisation success. We have been introducing our foster kittens Rain and Feather to our own cats, the most sociable being Scooter. So far, only Feather has hissed at Scooter. Rain is totally okay with a big brother cat watching over them. Here are the three of them sitting on our bed, each one in a box-shape position.

From left: Rain, our cat Scooter (behind), Feather

As I type this, Sayang has taken over Scooter’s watch-cat role, and is now perched on the bed watching over the two kittens –

Gathering of bicoloured cats – Sayang, Feather and Rain

We try our best to spend time handling them and letting them get used to other cats and humans every day, to make them be great pet cats in their new homes. It is really wonderful to see their progress day by day.

Feather (left) and her brother Rain

Both Rain and Feather are available for adoption. If you are keen to visit and adopt them, contact Elaine at 90880675 or email ubikuchingproject @, we will bring the siblings to Angels Pet Shop for viewing.

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