ubi zone 2 kitten rescue

One of the cat-feeders in Ubi who sometimes feeds in Ubi Zone 2, noticed that a litter of kittens was born inside a drain near the fringe area of Zone 2. It was worrisome because it was raining recently, so Uncle Johari rescued the four kittens and brought them to Angels for fear they might get washed away in the rain.

They are about 4 weeks old, able to eat moistened kitten food. One has already been adopted. Here’s Toast, Bread and Teacup, two boys and a girl.

Bread-boy and Toasty-boy remind us of Butter, another cat we re-homed last year. Both brothers have this cute worried face on them. They are all very friendly towards other cats and humans alike.

Toast has more red colouring; Bread’s bicolouring is more cap-and-saddle patterned – his red colouring is around his head and his tail. Teacup, their sister, is a beautiful tricoloured cat. Her tail is torbie at the tip and red at the base, in true mi-ke pattern.

Here are their pictures taken today before we groomed their faces –

Toast’s red tabby marking


Bread’s red ‘saddle’


Teacup’s mi-ke pattern

All three of them are very tame, and the brothers love to play with each other-

Toast (left), Bread (right)

All three are ready for adoption and are looking for good homes! If you are interested in adopting, do visit Angels Pet Shop at Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1 #01-49. See right side-bar for more information on adoption.

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  • Aye, they are really very cute. The second I went home to post their story and pictures, they got adopted together; three siblings still together! And as Andy and I always say to each other, 'There will always be kittens…' which has been so true especially this year. Puma, Rain, Feather and Kenny still need a home! And Coffee still needs to recover. Cats unending!

  • toast, bread, and teacup are so cute!!!!!!! Bread's facial expression in his portrait is just to-die-for i swear. if i lived in singapore i don't think i would be able to resist him.. i'd probably rush over to your place and beg your for him!! hahahaha

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