update from jackie’s owner

Hi Elaine,

Jackie went to the vet yesterday, vet confirmed it to be ‘cat flu’. She was checked again for mites, as her ears are abit scaly. Good news, no mites but I need to apply iodine for her ear tips to get rid of the scaly problem. Her affected eye is actually confirmed to be healed, no cuts whatsoever except for the blurry patch. Her eye meds have been changed to Terramycin.

She’s also been prescribed antibiotics and something for sneezing, vet advised to complete the 10 days meds and review her condition. Today’s just the 2nd day but already her sneezing and sniffling are down by half, which is really good! Other than the flu she’s really active and affectionate, tearing around the house playing with anything she can find, and also coming up to my bed to groom me when I’m lying down, lol. She is also really a purring machine, my mum calls her “Motorcat” now, hahaha.

Will update again once her meds course is over, but I have a good feeling she’s going to be just fine =)


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