upper boon keng block 15 update

Tonight we went to Block 15 Upper Boon Keng to do a sterilisation run for the stray cats there. Our kind sponsor Eveline’s donation for Upper Boon Keng allowed us to trap for neutering about 8 cats.

There are still about 30 cats there that need to be sterilised. If we can raise the funds we will go again in April to do another round of sterilisation (the rest of our March schedule we have planned for Joo Chiat Terrace and Ubi Zone 2). CWS reimbursement will also be applied for this round of sterilisation so at the very least we can do another round in half a year’s time when the reimbursement comes in.

If you are interested in contributing to this cause, you can also contact Damy directly to trap for neutering on your own schedule and budget. Damy informed us that there have been some kind folks who are doing the cats along the pavement next to the CC, a population slightly smaller than the one at Block 15. Do feel free to visit the site yourself and arrange for sterilisation if you prefer to plan the trapping yourself.

You can also do what Eveline has done by transferring your financial sponsorship to us; we will then plan the trapping for sterilisation with Damy and like tonight go to the site to help with the trapping itself. If you are keen on contributing financially to this cause, do let us know that your donation is going towards the Upper Boon Keng cats’ sterilisation by emailing us at ubikuchingproject @ gmail.com or contacting me at 90880675. Damy’s transport and trapping service starts at $75 per trip, each male cat is $25, females at least $50 or more each, which means we will need to have at least $100 in donations for Upper Boon Keng to make a trip down there again. Do also spread the word to help provide relief for the cats, every effort counts.

I also had an email sent by a reader that included a letter from Jalan Besar Town Council stating that they do not cull sterilised cats –

which means that our work towards sterilising the cats in this area will save lives, really and truly. (If only we got a letter like that from Marine Parade Town Council for Ubi cats!) Thank you reader Katy for sending us this email. We communicated this to the residents we met there tonight so that they will (1) sterilise their own pet cats knowing that pest control will cull unsterilised cats, (2) not complain about the stray cats knowing that there are volunteers like us stepping in to raise funds to sterilise the cats in their neighbourhood.

We have also informed the cat feeder there (an auntie that kept scolding us on our previous feeding and rescue excursions there) that Damy will be returning the cats to the block on Saturday morning. She has not been able to sterilise cats there for many years because of lack of capital and her old age, so much relief is needed there.

We will not be going there again for feeding and rescue excursions in the meantime – most of the kittens have been rescued, and our hands are full with the current lot of rescued kittens – Mish and Mike, Biscuit and Donut, Jackie, and Beauty – all still available for adoption, and yes, all from Upper Boon Keng. If you are keen on adopting, please visit Angels Pet Shop at Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1 #01-49 to visit them. See right side-bar on more information about adopting from us.

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