wang wang now a house cat

Our block’s one of three resident strays, Wang Wang, has officially become a house cat.

It started when my new room tenants moved in last night. Wang Wang was there to greet them and as usual, he wanted to come inside our house. But we said that Slinky doesn’t get along with him and they will fight.

So then the tenants said, “Then let’s put him in our room! He can sleep with us. He sleep and eat outside, so poor thing.”

Wang Wang agreed.

Andy bathed him, and I set up a litter box and feeding tray for him to place in their room. They also made some space on the open cabinets for him to climb and snooze in.

This morning, we found out that Wang Wang had shared their bed, sleeping super soundly and happily during the night. When I went to check on him earlier, he was totally at ease in their room, sleeping on their bed, only waking up to eat.

Slinky of course had vehemently objected. She kept going into his room to check him out, and when I tried to intervene, she attacked me. In the middle of the night, clever Slinky clawed open the room door to go in and check on him again, probably sending him ‘Get out of my house!’ signals to him. Today, she has finally given up, seeing that Wang Wang is in the room and doesn’t want to come out and disturb her anyway.

So Wang Wang is now officially in our house.

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