ways to calm your cat down

For those of you who have a new animal in the family, having a change in schedule that might upset your pets, or want to calm a usually over-excited pet down, here are the ways:

  • Music. This can be the radio turned on low when you are not around. You can also use pet music, scientifically proven to reach out to pets. Click on this link and leave the music on whenever you are not around or want to calm your pets down.
  • Aromatherapy. Typically, lavender is used in a diffuser, or mixed with carrier oils and sprayed on your pet’s body. Works well for dogs especially. Chamomile also works, but is more expensive.
  • Pheromones. This is especially for cats, that feel safe when they are in a territory that has been rubbed and stropped by them enough for them to feel like it is really their home. This means they enjoy being surrounded by stuff that is theirs. You can also get a pheromone diffuser.
  • Herbal remedies. One example is Pet Calm. Herbal remedies can be topical or oral. Apart from ingredients such as Valerian root, St. John’s wort also features in other similar products.
  • You. If you are stressed, your animals are stressed too. Especially so for cats, that usually mimic your emotions. Apart from you taking care of yourself, also remember that your pet loves you a lot, so leave a piece of your clothing or blanket or pillow or even a bag, accessible for your pet when you are away or sending them away for boarding.
  • Quiet corners. Cats feel safe on higher ground, dogs usually like to hide in holes and corners when they are scared. This means you need to have a place your cat or dog can retreat to when they need to be safe and alone. For cats, a safe window perch, a chair, a cat condo. For dogs, a bed in a cosy corner. My previous dog enjoyed a hole she dug, which was in the corner of the entire garden. Phoebe is now sleeping in a basket under a chair, she enjoys it. Sayang is on her ‘window perch’ which is the table edge that is near a closed window. Scooter is on our computer chair, the cats’ favourite chair. Slinky is on a kitchen chair. They are all now super relaxed (also because the music link abovementioned is turned on right now), all in places they feel safe in – higher grounds and corners.

Hope this helps your pets ease through any transitions, recoveries or emotional stresses.

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