coffee – no more rejection!

Coffee is looking for a new home!

He has recovered from his scabies, and is totally mite-free now! His fur on his tail and around his eyes have yet to grow back totally, but the other bald patches have regained its furry glory. I have conditioned his fur and it is now really healthy and glossy.

Coffee is a really affectionate boy who loves to purr when you go near him, even while I am holding him to apply povidone iodine to his skin to help it heal. He loves other cats, loves all humans, and is at heart a real Oriental – loves to play, jump and talk to you. He enjoys cuddling up to other cats or to humans to sleep, and loves to nose-kiss you too.

He is now boarding at Angels and is currently eating Taste of the Wild as he is allergic to corn. If you would like to give Coffee a second chance and consider adopting him, do visit us at Angels Pet Shop at Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1 #01-49. To view all posts and pictures about Coffee, type in his name into the search bar on the top left of the webpage.

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