Did you know that:

  • In ancient history, cats were domesticated mainly for pest-control in homes, farms, warehouses and ships. Funny how they are now considered as ‘pests’ themselves in urban Singapore.
  • Cats seem to love your laptops don’t they? They enjoy the warm sensation they emit, and is possibly also the same reason why cats seem to cuddle up to sick humans because of elevated body temperatures.
  • Your scaredy-cats hide under the sofa when you have visitors? Cats’ instinct is to make themselves as invisible as possible when they face unfamiliar people or environments. Same reason why they won’t go to the toilet in a new place.
  • Cats don’t meow to one another unless it is between a mother and her kittens. Meowing is reserved especially for communication between them and their humans.
  • Your new cat seems to like taking his food out of the bowl and eating it off the floor? In the wild, they tend to take their food i.e. their ‘prey’ away from the site so that they can protect their food and not have other predators come and have a buffet off it.
  • The enigma of streaking: some cats exhibit streaking behaviour – running around the house at warp speed especially in the middle of the night. This could be due to stress they are facing, for example a new feline resident, a dirty toilet, hunger, sickness, or even because they sense that you their owner is stressed. Streaking is a thermometer for your cat’s emotional health!

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