have pets and want to adopt another? FAQs

I have dog/s and I am thinking of adopting a cat but worry about integrating them. Will they fight?
The best way to deal with this problem is to adopt a kitten instead of an adult. Socialisation with other animals from a young age is definitely much easier than for an adult cat. We have many adopters who adopted kittens with dogs in their household to great success, some even play and cuddle with each other.

I worry that a pet cat might attack my small animals or birds, should a cat be introduced to my small pets?
The important thing is to place your cages with your small pets in an inaccessible location that your new cat cannot jump to easily. Supervise your cat when introducing it to the other small pets, and reward good behaviour when your cat does not attack but merely watches your birds and hamsters. Many cats live well in households that have other pets conventionally thought of as prey.

I already have a cat, will it be wise to have another?
Adult cats tend to reject adult cats if they are unsterilised. They also take to kittens more easily, hence a second cat would best be a younger aged cat compared to yours.

As with all pet integration, try to pen one up first when introducing them, and supervise any unpenned integration. Feeding them at the same time in separate bowls always helps. Make a loud noise (e.g. with keys) to break up any growling or hissing that may result if the pets still feel unfamiliar with one another. If you have any questions regarding integrating a possible new kitten with your household pets, do feel free to email us at ubikuchingproject @ gmail.com

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  • Thanks! They are common questions that adopters ask. At Ubi we have households that have multiple pets, cats dogs and small animals, all living in harmony. Most adopt kittens below 6 months of age to deal with the small animals / dogs integration and do well.

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