if you are awake before dawn…

Try watching your cat.

Cats are crepuscular animals, that is, active during dawn and dusk. They are not nocturnal as most of us believe. This means that they get hungry and playful during these hours. Cue bells ringing around the house in the wee hours of the morning.

For sunset, it means dinner! And most of us feed our cats at this time.

In the mornings, it also means you have a natural alarm clock. Our Scooter gets hungry as early as at 4 am. So, setting some food aside the night before for them to eat before and after dawn will save you some precious minutes of sleep before work.

I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. for no particular reason. As I sat in my kitchen on my laptop, I realised that Misty and Sayang are playing catching, Scooter is scrounging around playing pounce with whatever he can find, even Slinky is busy raking Andy’s slipper with her four paws. I saw Misty finally drink a lot more water than I have ever witnessed during day time. I also realised that she has been misleading me all along into thinking that she doesn’t eat dry food on its own – I saw her eating the Indigo Moon kibbles a couple of times from the cats’ food bowl. I fed the younger foster kittens an fresh meal, they lapped it up.

The sun has now risen. Suddenly the house is quiet – the catching games, pouncing and raking activities have taken a rest. Misty is drinking water again, after all that play.

Now you know why you wake up to messy mornings with your things all over the house.

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  • ROFL! the same thing happens with my cats! i usually get up at 6ish am, but by around 5am, i'm usually semi-awake – not because i want to be, but cos i can feel my furkids jumping around the bed, scooting across my legs, scratching the cat condo's post, sometimes miaowing when struggling with each other during play… it's funny, but it's such a wonderful way to wake up to a brand new day!

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