These two sisters Pie and Bun, orphaned at different ages, reunited at my house, and are waiting for good homes to go to!

Both are litter trained and are eating moistened kitten canned and dry food, no longer needing bottled milk. Bun has been vet-checked when she was around 3 weeks old and declared healthy. Pie is more agile, and knows how to drink water from a bowl and eat dry food unmoistened. She is slightly bigger sized than Bun, has a white locket and medium length tail with a kink. She has an triangular face and bluish-black fur. Bun enjoys walking more than climbing, has a long skinny tail and is small in size, almost teacup. She is Asian-black in colour, has a round face. They are now 6 weeks old.

I just showered them today, so they look fuzzy and wet in today’s pics of them –

Pie, in a towel

Bun, looking fuzzy after bath

If you are keen on adopting Bun and Pie, do contact and visit us, see right side bar for more contact info and adoption information.

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