new tenant in our kitten pen

Today I washed and disinfected our kitten pen and moved Bun inside it, an upgrade in residence for her from our carrier. This way we can graduate to getting her used to a litter tray. Coffee, the tenant before Bun, is now roaming freely around the house, sharing our cats’ food, water and toilet since he has recovered from his scabies and is just waiting for his fur to grow back completely.

Here is Bun, eating from her bowl inside the pen!

She still hasn’t learned to climb properly in and out a litter pan, but putting her inside the kitten pen with a litter tray nearby makes it easier for us to train her by placing her in the tray when we stimulate her behind to pee and poo. She is learning to eat more now, albeit very messily. She loves canned food mixed with milk, which means constant feedings since milk and canned food will turn sour if left free choice.

Edit: Bun’s adopter has changed his mind, so she will be up for adoption when she is ready.

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