Biogroom Flea & Tick Shampoo
I am a fan of using pyrethins as the safer, natural alternative to flea control because of the fact that we deal with fostering stray kittens. The recent brand we bought is Biogroom, and I like the fact that it is extra-conditioning because of its lanolin, more so than the last brand we bought, Hobo. It is however more expensive, but if you are not using conditioner, this is a moisturising formula so you can still skip conditioning after shampoo. For kittens it is not advisable to use flea control if they are very young, and I only use it very sparingly (a few drops diluted with water), which is how I removed Bun’s fleas. I also used a homemade wet wipe using a towel with a bit of the Biogroom flea shampoo in the outset when she was too young to be bathed. This shampoo is actually usable for both dogs and cats, although I won’t recommend it for dogs because the bottle is quite small and probably will get used up pretty fast.

Wellness Core Chicken and Turkey canned food
This canned food costs $3.30 excluding discounts, around the same price as Natural Balance and pricier than Nutripe. Our cats like it! Too bad they only have 2 flavours under Wellness Core, which we prefer to Wellness, a brand that seems to cause either diarrhoea or smelly stools in cats. Will probably buy this food again.

Betadine Povidone Iodine
Available from pharmacies. I got this for Coffee for his scaly bald patches, upon second-hand advice from Jackie’s owner. The veterinary composition is iodine as povidone iodine 10% strength, the same as what is usually sold in pharmacies for humans under the brand Betadine, which is what I got. It is useful as a topical antiseptic for skin problems, abrasions and cuts. No excessive salivation from accidental licking by the cat, so I reckon it is not foul tasting for them if they do end up licking the iodine off themselves. And the good thing is that his bald patches are almost all gone! We apply it once a day on Coffee.

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