solid gold for cat – Indigo Moon

Solid Gold dry food has been very popular with dog owners and now they are poised to conquer the cat owner market too, with their new grain-free range of kibbles for cats. Reputed as a value-for-money brand of food because their large quantities are really affordable, Indigo Moon is possibly the most affordable grain-free dry diet in the market now.

We tried it out recently, with free samples from The Water Dish. Our cats liked it! In fact, putting both Taste of the Wild and Indigo Moon down, Slinky and Scooter went for the Indigo Moon and finished it up before going on to their Taste of the Wild, which has been to date their favourite brand! We couldn’t leave enough out for Sayang to do the same ‘test’ on her, but when I added it to their dinners, they all ate it, so I reckon Sayang the picky eater wouldn’t say no to the brand.

The kibbles are small, which makes it good for cats that are prone to vomitting due to not chewing, a common behavioural trait of cats. The ingredients are less sumptuous sounding than Taste of the Wild’s smoked salmon and venison, focusing mainly on chicken and fish. Also, it contains potatoes, like brands such as Addiction. The only thing I see lacking in Indigo Moon is lactobacilus bacteria which although is not a requisite supplement as dictated by AAFCO, would have been a nice bonus.

What Andy and I like is the price – at $65.50 for 15lbs (about 6.8kg) which makes it $9.65 per kg. Very affordable indeed! We placed our order for it last night and it is arriving tonight.

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  • I also gotten the sample from The water dish when i purchase Taste of the Wild from them…same as yours..both of my cats went crazy about it and so do i as the price was unbelievable affordable..LOL..but mine preferred the Solid Gold Katz and Flocken more den Indigo Moon..the shape of honey stars.. do u know wads the diff between the two? o.O

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