third eyelid – symptom of illness in cats

Many times when a cat is sick, most commonly with flu’, the cat’s third eyelid, or haw, or a nictitating membrane, will show. I have here an example of what that looks like –

Yes, it is our Scooter. He started showing his third eyelid two days ago. He has no obvious signs of flu’ – runny nose and eyes – and I also checked him for fever and dehydration, other symptoms which usually also accompany the third eyelid showing. He has no other symptoms except for his third eyelid.

The third eyelid showing is the most obvious symptom of illness in a cat.

For Scooter, I suspect it could be tapeworm, because he is also having soft stools. Being on Revolution the only intestinal worm he is not protected against is tapeworm. If deworming him doesn’t help then it is a more serious illness and I am prepared to bring him to the vet soon. The funny thing is, unlike our other cats who behave different when ill, he is still jumpy, active and greedy.

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