volunteering experiences

We had a great time today meeting our TKGS student volunteers, who will be campaigning for us the next 10 weeks or so. This makes them our second group of student-volunteers this year! I am truly encouraged and inspired by them.

Teenagers are great people; one of our regular student volunteers Hazrul has been such a blessing to Ubi Kuching Project and continues to be, visiting the animals at the shop everyday to help out, helping out with animal rescue and not hesitating to enter drains and such just to save a wee kitten. Our RGS A-Hug girls get right down to cleaning cages (no joke when you are talking about pens that house kittens having diarrhoea) and have really genius ideas when it comes to publicity and raising awareness on better pet ownership.

I will be inviting our two groups of student-volunteers to guest-blog their experiences here. As you know, Andy, Aswat and myself started Ubi Kuching Project as volunteers who simply love the animals in our lives and neighbourhood. We have learnt so much, and are still learning through every step of the journey. Likewise, every volunteer that is with us at Ubi Kuching Project goes through the same learning journey – knowing more about animals, about working in animal welfare and adoption. We hope to share our learning journeys with our readers so you too can be inspired to volunteer for animal welfare and advocacy.

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