april’s numbers and may’s plans

April’s Numbers.

  • We only managed to rehome 9 cats this month. This brings our average rate of cat adoption from 20 cats to 15 cats per month.
  • We sterilised a total of 7 Ubi stray cats this month.
  • Our boarding expenses payable to Angels Pet Shop this month is $878.50, which has not been paid for April yet.
  • Our adoption fees collected this month is $260.00.
  • Our donations collected this month: Veterinary Fund $254.50; General Donations $220.00. (Read more on partition funds here).
  • We are currently in a financial deficit of -$197.49 excluding the boarding costs of kittens still in our care, including our debt owed to Angels for the boarding costs of this month’s cats.

May’s Plans

  • Education of Malay Village / Joo Chiat Complex cat feeders on sterilisation of strays in that area that we will help to undertake.
  • Fund-raising drive conducted by our student volunteers from TKGS
  • Ongoing re-homing work for the rescues still in our custody

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