boarding costs now reduced!

Here is our revamped boarding schedule for all cats that are home-fostered by us and our network of volunteer-fosterers. Most of our volunteers who foster at home feed premium, grain-free diets, as do us.

Based on a cat’s diet and usage of

  • 200g grain-free dry food per day
  • 1/4 can of premium canned food per day
  • 1kg of pine litter per month

We calculated the cost of boarding one cat per day at a home to be $3 per day per cat, a $0.50 reduction from boarding the cats at Angels previously.

For all donations that come into our boarding fund there are two main sources: from the public or from the animal rescuers who engage us to foster their rescues in our homes.

In the past, we paid the boarding expenses of the animals boarded at Angels, to Angels directly. From now on, the boarding funds donations will be channelled directly to Ubi Kuching Project’s bank account. We will tap on the funds to buy the food and litter supplies when we need to feed the boarding cats. We may not spend the total $3/day/cat because we do have our kind pet food sponsors like The Water Dish as well as donations-in-kind from the public. So any excess collected and not used on cat food and litter will be channelled into other uses such as veterinary and sterilisation causes.

Also, donations-in-kind and cat supplies bought with Ubi Kuching Project boarding funds are made available to volunteers who foster for us, to alleviate the huge responsibility of fostering rescues.

As such, we have two donation wishlists that we would like to appeal to you to fulfill for the cats of Ubi Kuching Project –

  1. Cash donations for current fosters at $3 per day per cat. You can help us raise funds for the cats’ food and litter by donating a sum of $30 which will feed a cat for 10 days. To donate cash, see here.
  2. Donations of cat food – Solid Gold Indigo Moon, premium canned foods such as Wellness Core Chicken, Go Natural Chicken, Nutripe with Chicken, Natural Balance. You can order through The Water Dish and put the mailing address as ours – The Water Dish has our address on file so they know where to deliver your gifts to. All donations-in-kind received will be earmarked specifically for the fostered cats.

Tomorrow, we will have another 5 cats coming to our foster home – one mother and her four kittens. The rescuer is a cat feeder who may be unable to pay for their boarding, so we will be tapping on the Ubi Kuching Project bank account to buy food for them since our own is running out. Together with Paddy, that will make our foster population 6 cats by tomorrow evening! Many mouths to feed, so do think of us in generosity!

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