Ubi Kuching Project may likely no longer be supported by Angels Pet Shop from next week onwards, in terms of leasing us boarding space for rehabilitating animals.

We currently pay Angels Pet Shop boarding expenses for the animals at $3.50 per day per cat and $6.50 per day per dog, in return for boarding spaces, supplies and equipment for the animals we rehabilitate and re-home.

Currently, there is a tussle between the landlord that leases the premises with Angels. The landlord may not be renewing the lease with Angels as there is another pet shop business contending for the same shop space. Aswat is in discussion now with the landlord to see if it is viable for Angels to counter-offer the contending pet shop business in order to continue operating his pet care business in the same premises.

If Angels is no longer able to continue operating, it will be a setback to Ubi Kuching Project, as Angels is our main site for sheltering animals, providing us a major boarding space aside from volunteer-fosterers’ homes, allowing adopters to visit animals for rehoming at the shop premises. Pet shops that support animal rescue and welfare work are few and far between.

Regardless of the outcome, our work will still continue, in and beyond Ubi. Our space for Ubi Kuching Project may become limited if Angels’ shop space no longer becomes viable for us, and we would have to divide our main physical nerve-centre for our work into other brick-and-mortar presences. No matter the outcome concerning Angels, we will still be fostering animals in mine and Andy’s home in Ubi, and we will still provide voluntary efforts for stray cat welfare in terms of sterilisation, in and around Ubi. We will also still be supporting independent animal rescuers in helping to publicise adoption opportunities on our blog, even if we do become more limited in providing space itself to board rescues. And our mission in continually sharing pet care advice through our blog will still continue, something we at Ubi Kuching Project strongly believe in – happy owners make happy pets!

Meetings for adopters and volunteers will now be held at mine and Andy’s home or offsite where the animals on the streets are. Our plans for May are still going to continue.

This issue aside, I know many of you have written to us to help and support us or to request for our voluntary assistance in your rescue and welfare work – rest assured we have received your mails and texts, it is however a really busy time for me personally and I haven’t gotten round to replying all your messages. I will, soon!

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