calculating food and litter consumption

In conversing with The Water Dish folks I found out that many cat owners seem to order their cat food when they are down to a few kibbles, and then worry when kitty get super-hungry and deliveries haven’t yet arrived!

We are guilty of the same habit. It all started because we started fostering more kittens at home and we could no longer gauge of our cat food consumption because we have variably more mouths to feed out of our own cat food supplies.

Now that we re-calculated our boarding costs and budget for our cat food consumption specifically for our foster cats, I came up with a widget, well an Excel spreadsheet really, to help us calculate how many kitty-mouths we can feed for how many days based on our current level of funds. It looks like this –

So now we know how much we need to order ahead based on our estimated cat population, eating on average 200g of dry food per day with about 45g of canned food daily. And we can gauge how long our funds will last till we have no more in our Love Kuching Project bank account to feed the rescues. This way we can be more accurate in communicating to you our public how much dollars and cents we need your help in, in order to sustain feeding the cats in our custody. For example, if we input in 4 cats per day for the month of June, the widget will look like this –

Which means we need to raise another $107.73 – as of today – worth of cat food and litter if we have an average of 4 cats to care for every day for the month of June.

And this way, we will not have to stress our at-charity-rates food supplier The Water Dish when ordering our foster cats’ food with texts to them like, “Cat food crisis! When will your delivery arrive?!” thus being better, non-last-minute cat persons!

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