With the school holidays here, many of you will likely be needing a boarding place for your pet cats. At Love Kuching Project we do not provide cat boarding services for pet cats but we do have contacts to various cat boarding and pet sitting services that we have encountered and approve of. One of them is House of Cheshire’s home boarding service.

We have visited the House of Cheshire before and we have to say we are really impressed with the level of comfort and luxury boarding cats there experience. Located in the east (email pet_boarding@hotmail.com for more details), it is housed in a beautiful private walk-up apartment that is fully air-conditioned with closed windows. The boarding cat will have a balcony all to itself – the balcony has half-length windows that are sealed – with spotless, nicely furnished floors. The place is immaculately cleaned and apart from the pet sitter herself who cleans up after the cats, has cleaning services come to tidy and disinfect the place regularly.

The balcony has space to accomodate your own cat’s furniture, toys and litter tray. We once encountered a boarding cat there that had his own plant brought from home to accompany him while he was boarding at House of Cheshire, with his choice of litter and litter pan, and his favourite scratching furniture which was an old stool. It probably really felt like home away from home for that particular feline!

While the pet sitter herself has her own cat, the boarding cats do not need to interact with the resident cat as she has access to different parts of the house instead. To ease in your cats’ stay, House of Cheshire has a slew of cat-calming elements such as feline-pheromone-diffusers, herbal and aromatherapy stress relief cures. You can opt to bring your own food, or eat the grain-free choice that House of Cheshire feeds its resident cat. Best of all, when a boarding cat falls ill, taxiing to and from the vet is also included in the service so you need not worry about your cat’s health while you are away.

We totally approve of House of Cheshire’s boarding service! So now you know where to place your cat for boarding when you are away.

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