Hi, we are the two TKGS volunteers!

We have planned, for the month of may, to contribute to the Ubi Kuching Project (UKP) financially by raising funds. We are going to sell cards provided by the UKP and baking cookies in the shape of cats and fish. We will also be selling inedible coloured pills – souvenirs in the shape of tablets, to raise funds for veterinary expenses – combined with a talk to raise awareness about the importance of veterinary health.
Other than having a booth to sell our products, we are also going to educate TKGians about, well, cats. Many do not know about the contents of the food that their pet feed on, neither do they know that their cats should go for regular checks at the vet.
We hope that our booth will be a great success so we can raise enough funds for the UKP to continue its ongoing rehoming work for all the kittens they have in their care. We also hope to be able to educate more people about the importance of neutering and to clear up any doubts or questions they might have.
We also hope that more student volunteers would come forward and help because the UKP could really do with more volunteers 😀

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