current fund-raising needs

We are looking for donors – that’s you! – to help us fulfill the following needs:

  • Cat Welfare Society membership which will cost $40 for a year, in either mine or Andy’s name. At the rate of sterilisation we carry out which is around $500 a month, we need one membership to help us get more reimbursement for our sterilisation work so as to multiply your donations’ mileage. to give, you can purchase a donation for us in either one of our names, or donate to our account specifying via SMS to 90880675 or email that you wish to contribute for the CWS membership. Update: Donor found for this need. Thank you Nicholina!
  • Food and cat litter for June – we have enough funds right now to feed 4 cats for 16 days before our funds for food and litter run out, this is including The Water Dish‘s monthly cat food donation for June. The remaining 14 days of June are as yet unprovided for. We also anticipate there be more cats in Love Kuching Project’s care very soon when we visit Joo Chiat Complex for feeding and sterilisation next week, as the kitten population there is quite huge. We hope to be able to rescue as many kittens as our resources can reach. To donate to this cause you can either (1) email to order Solid Gold Indigo Moon, Nutripe with Chicken, KMR milk replacement or Rrao pine pellets, requesting the supplies be delivered to Love Kuching Project or (2) donate directly to our account specifying via SMS to 90880675 or email that you wish to donate towards buying cat food and litter for our foster cats. $3 will feed and provide cat litter for 1 cat per day. Update: We have enough dry food and milk now! Still hope to raise more for pine litter and canned food, we have enough to pull through for the first 3 weeks of June!
  • We need to purchase a Feliway pheromone-diffuser refill which costs around $23, also available at Pet Lovers Centre. This is to enhance the rehabilitation process for the foster cats in our care, especially for older kittens and cats, to reduce arrival stress and stress-symptoms such as loss of appetite, constipation, fighting and caterwauling. One Feliway refill lasts about 4 weeks. We have a few drops left and are using it till it completely dries out. Update: We have used up our Feliway diffuser vial. This is a really important purchase to use because cats tend to stress in new environments resulting in health problems. Anti-anxiety medication works well but has side effects for some cats and we are now relying on that since our Feliway has run out. Still looking for funds or a donation-in-kind for a Feliway refill! Update: We managed to scrape together some funds from our general funds to purchase one vial of Feliway refill which will last us through June. Thank you!
  • We need AA rechargeable batteries and a charger for our donated camera. This costs around $21. You can buy us one that is brand-new or donate a charger and batteries that you no longer have a use for. Alternatively, you can donate one-time-use long lasting AA batteries in bulk so we can photo-document our work and adoption processes almost unceasingly. To date, Andy and I have been buying batteries for the camera but there are humbling times when we don’t even have enough cash to buy more batteries.

Stuff that Andy and myself will be buying or have bought for Love Kuching Project as gifts from ourselves for June:

  • Pine pellets cat litter if we do not raise enough funds for restocking it for June
  • Baby wipes for grooming and messes
  • Printer inks to print our adoption agreements
  • Cat collars for kittens housed outside pens in our house
  • Cable-ties and meshings for the new cage which needs to be protected from wirings and sockets behind where it will be positioned
  • Pee-pads for the cages and carrier for young kittens
  • Cleaning detergents and disinfectants for routine cleaning of housing area
  • Litter tray with meshed bottom for our second cat boarding pen arriving tomorrow
  • Updated items we will be buying to donate to Love Kuching Project ourselves:
  • Thick towels to use as blankets for our second boarding pen
  • A medication and deworming / defleaing chart to put up in our foster home to keep track and inform adopters of the cats’ medications, doses and dates
  • Baskets to use in our boarding pens – one of our baskets is falling apart and we are using a reused carton box for the other pen
  • Catnip to calm foster cats down by marinating their housing environment with it
  • Charcoal deodorisers to maintain cleanliness in our foster home for visits by volunteers, sponsors and adopters

Do consider us in generosity for the upcoming month. We want to reach out to more cats in need and provide quality care and rehabilitation for them, as well as continue sharing our work with you our readers. Thank you!

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