more sam from joo seng

After Sam arrived at our place last night, he couldn’t get to sleep until 4a.m. after I gave him some some anti-anxiety medication (Xanax 0.125mg). Today, when he woke up, he woke our whole household too with his incessant meows. Turns out that he isn’t stressed about the other cats, but hates to be caged up.

When I let him out of the pen, he loves so much to cuddle next to me, exploring every inch of the house, purring in response to cuddles and even likes tummy rubs! He also enjoys cuddling with Paddy, and is really docile towards a younger kitten.

Unfortunately we are still needing to pen him for now because we need to give him easy access to food, water and the litter tray. He does considerably well when outside his pen, but is prone to hiding, and didn’t know where the litter trays around the house are, he peed on our sofa. He does know how to use the litter tray in the kitten pen, and he pooed there today, which is a good sign. Unfortunately he’s having watery stools, and so I gave him anti-diarrhoeal (loperadamide) and antacid syrup. Will deworm him too. He has finally started eating and drinking, and if his appetite does not improve will put him on lysine (vitamin B) solution to boost it.

Sam will do well with lots of attention and affection. He is easy to medicate, okay with showering and trimming nails. While he did growl at Uno when they first met, he is not violent at all, claws always sheathed, and doesn’t bite us, that and he doesn’t growl at Uno anymore, they are almost friends. He enjoys sitting on laps and being cradled in the crook of my arm.

Will monitor his eliminations to see if his diarrhoea improves, and after deworming and more socialisation and acclimatisation to an indoor environment, Sam will be ready for adoption! If you are keen to adopt Sam, drop me an email at or call Elaine at 90880675.

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