nutri vet pet ease paw gel

Ubi Kuching Project is making progress towards better rehabilitation of rescues in our care – we just got Nutri Vet Pet Ease Paw-gel (S$16.25 at Pet Lovers Centre after PLC members’ discount) for easing in the stress that cats often have when in a foster home for the first time. Cats when they are stressed in a new environment or when going to the vet, often exhibit signs like loss of appetite, constipation, shivering, Flehmen response, overly-vocal behaviour and even fighting.

So we tried some today. It works as a gel you can either put directly on the cat’s tongue (about half to one inch long strip when you squeeze from the tube) or you can rub on their paws which will encourage them to lick. Andy and I tasted some ourselves – it is almost tasteless and has an emollient feel. We used some on Uno, who is still getting used to the new environment in our foster home. He stopped stiffening up when we approached him, and is now playing away like crazy as if he has lived here for a long time when he has only arrived yesterday!

It contains natural ingredients only: chamomile, catnip, passion flower and oats, flavoured in a mild salmon flavour. We like natural products so this is definitely a plus. The price is right too, not overly expensive and comes in a pretty sizeable tube. It is also easy to dispense.

Use once a day only. Great for easing in new pets and for visits to the vet!

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