our cats’ response to seameal

So I blogged about Solid Gold’s Seameal supplement and our order arrived via The Water Dish on Tuesday evening.

We bought the 1lb size, which costs us only $24.50 after discount from our membership’s rewards $10 voucher.

It comes in powder form, which you dispense with a teaspoon and mix with a little warm water before adding it to food. I reckon it mixes better with canned food than dry food, which our cats don’t enjoy moistened. Which means for us, more canned food for the cats, something they will probably be elated about.

Concerned for Scooter who is still having bad digestion – he keep spitting out the antacid syrup I try to feed him with, though we persist and get scratched by him to keep dosing him with it – he took to the seameal readily, which means good news for his body and for us. Hopefully I won’t have to put him through the ordeal of medication for too long since he hates syrups that much. Giving him loperadamide for his diarrhoea is far easier since it is a tablet, I just have to risk getting bitten by him.

So far, I have tried mixing the seameal with Addiction’s Hunter Venison Stew (which our cats love, by the way), and today, Nutripe with Chicken. Scooter is eating both happily. Sayang shunned the food with the seameal in it. Slinky eats everything so I guess she has been picking up whatever is not eaten by Scooter.

Here he is, busy chomping away on Nutripe with Seameal –

In any case, will keep on medicating Scooter so he can recover from his digestive issues soon. Combined with seameal I reckon he will recover really soon! Otherwise he has to go to ‘that scary place’ which he really, really hates going to, shivering and peeing all the way I reckon, I really hope we don’t have to put him through that.

Scooter, time for medicine! Else we have to go scary place!

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  • might want to introduce Seameal little by little for Sayang then! my Haru was very repulsed by it initially but i slipped it into her food slowly and upped it gradually – and now, she's cool with it!

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