our second boarding pen arrived!

After some brainstorming by Andy we created a space for a second boarding pen in our house, with space more suitable for adult cats or for bigger kittens. We put out the request for a boarding pen that suits the dimensions, and we got a donation of a cage! It arrived, delivered to us today by our kind donor.I think it is a CYH brand cage, and has only been used a few times. The bars are chrome and therefore won’t get rusty and it is easy to detach and clean.

It is not ready for use yet – I need to mesh the behind of the cage to protect the pets from the wirings behind, and to prevent litter from being kicked behind the cabinet the cage is sitting on. We are also going to sew a hammock and place baskets and blankets in it to make it more homely. We have attached a hanging scratching mat and a water bowl implement. For the bottom tray, I will be placing Daiso pee-pads and charcoal filter deodoriser sheets. The cage can also be used as a crate for small dogs if we do come across any needing re-homing. We hope to give the best to our boarding animals!

Tomorrow we will be fetching a Persian cat over to stay here, a cat that was dumped outside Angels during the week and is still boarding there for now. For tonight, we are placing Sam inside, a more comfortable pen for him since he’s a bigger boy.

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