potentially harmful toys for your cat

Sometimes it is easy to keep your cat happy as an indoor cat. A crushed paper ball, an old sock, all can double up as a toy that keeps kitty intrigued while he play-hunts with these simple toys.

Some toys though could be dangerous. Like in our house, where anything left on our floors equates to cat-property, sometimes I chance upon items that my cats play with that I immediately take away.

These are classified as choking hazards, meaning that your cat could chew and ingest these items and thereafter cause an intestinal blockage. Unless your cat retches it out, this will mean surgery to remove the foreign object.

  • Rubber bands
  • Loose strands of string
  • Small plastic or foil wrappers
  • Loose cable ties

Keep your cat’s areas clear of these things so they won’t accidentally swallow these items. There are other options to DIY toys that are safer. Some of my ‘toys’ are things like shortened bubble tea straw with a treat stuffed within, a bottle cap that they can dribble with, and paper boxes and paper bags that our cats love to play hidey-pounce –

Have fun and stay safe, kitties!

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