reminder to adopters regarding outdoor access

I have written before about granting your cat outdoor access and how it is not a good idea.This applies as well to those who live in private properties. If you live in a condo, the rule is the same, in fact more so, because condo managements can be extremely harsh towards cats roaming the compound.

If you live in a house, allowing your cat to roam your garden is dangerous if he can exit the garden by hopping over or through fences and gates. However, it is definitely beneficial to your cat to have some outdoor enjoyment. To facilitate this you can consider getting an outdoor enclosure like such –

It is also beneficial for you to tag your cat so that if he does accidentally roam away from home due to an unclosed door or gate, he can be identified by anyone who finds him. You can microchip your cat, or get a name tag like ours that has your contact information inscribed behind. Cat Welfare Society has a lovely ad on this, fronted by celebrity Melody Chen and one of her cats –

and you can see the kitty is wearing a UniqTag like our cats do.

If you can’t get any of these suggestions in place, do keep your cats strictly indoors, within closed or meshed windows and doors at all times. Your cat may seem to need freedom, but what he needs more is safety.

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