sam, rescued kitten from joo seng

This is Sam, a beautiful 10-week old red male kitten rescued from Joo Seng (near Potong Pasir) by The Water Dish folks. Sam was found alone near a coffeeshop and in need of human attention – he is very sociable with people. Being near a coffeeshop and this sociable with humans meant that he would probably elicit complaints by the coffeeshop patrons if he parks himself there, more so when he grows old enough to mate in three months’ time.

Sam will be rehabilitating at our place and when he is more open to contact with other cats his size and older, we will make him available for adoption. He is healthy, no signs of fleas or ear mites. He is a full red coloured cat, with mackeral tabby stripes in darker red around his legs, pink nose leather and round eyes with a medium length kinked tail.

He is still a bit stressed from being in a new environment but has calmed down a lot already, thanks to our new Nutri Vet Pet Ease paste. He hasn’t calmed down enough to eat or drink yet, but has stopped meowing for attention and is now relaxing in the upper levels of our kitten pen.

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