scooter’s first illness and his recovery

After Scooter fell ill, and Andy brought him to the vet, we have been having a hard time feeding him his daily medications. Thankfully, his diarrhoea has subsided, still a bit of bloating, but no more vomitting. He still looks a bit unwell but less so, and has to finish a course of antibiotics.

Here is a video of us trying to feed him his medications –

Unfortunately not a prime example in how to administer medication, our Scooter is not a very cooperative cat-subject to demonstrate on. Sayang is much more cooperative, the only one who willingly helps me do webcam demonstrations of pilling and syringe-medicating for Ubi Kuching Project’s adoption aftercare service.

Scooter is also on a course of prebiotics which I mix into his canned food and he eats unwittingly. I have stopped his loperadamide and anti-emetic since his diarrhoea and vomitting has abated.

His poo is much better now, although he did sneak into Slinky’s (smaller)litter tray and used it, had a half-miscue where half of his poo went outside the box, something he has never done before. Perhaps he just really needed to go, and Slinky’s toilet was nearer for him. Another thing to note when you have cats having diarrhoea – more litter boxes is a good idea.

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  • Hi there! Thank you for your support.

    Regarding the fleas – fleas cannot survive outside of the host body – the cat's body – for long, but if you are concerned about the fleas in your furniture, we use flea treatments for furniture as well, our current one is PPP Flea and Tick Spray which is meant for both topical treatment of fleas and for spraying around the household furnishing. Hope this helps!

  • hi there, found out about yr site recently thru cat welfare society… and i just wanted to express my admiration for what you do! It truly is selfless and frankly, quite amazing.

    I wanted to seek your advise on something though. Because stray cats tend to have fleas and ticks, if i bring one into my house, will it fester on my furniture as well? I am able to treat the cat with flea treatment and all, but it would be much more difficult to rid my household of the pests? Please help!

    P.S I hope you're feeling better…

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