scooter’s visit to the vet

Andy took leave today to bring Scooter to ‘that scary place’ i.e. the vet to get his diarrhoea and vomitting checked out.

At the clinic, Scooter was submissive and cooperative, except that he didn’t want to come out of the carrier to let the doctor see him. But when sitting on the doctor’s table for examination, he stayed put. Good boy, Scooter!

However upon coming home, his stress about the whole visit came forth…

The doctor had prescribed us a cocktail of medicines for his diarrhoea and vomitting, including antibiotics, prebiotics and one for vomitting, all this after giving him a jab for his bloated tummy. Knowing full well that Scooter hates syrupy medicines, we got ourselves a towel to hold him down while feeding him his meds. Andy held him down while I fed Scooter the syrups and pills.

In that short period of time, Scooter had tried to run away from Andy, scratched him, and got so stressed he peed on the floor.

Two of the meds we gave him today – loperadamide and antacid (Mylanta) were what I have been dosing him the past few days. He had already begun his spitting out the Mylanta every time, taking to the tablet loperadamide more readily. As usual, he spit and drooled away most of the syrups today – I wisened to him already and dispensed more than needed with the syringe so that he will still get most of the needed doses. For the final syrup, that was when he got so stressed he peed on our floor.

And this is why the vet is ‘the scary place’ to Scooter.

Andy is now pee-stained, covered in spit-out syrups and bleeding from Scooter’s scratches. Thankfully Scooter hardly ever falls sick – this is his first bout of illness and he is already one year old.

Onward to more dosing of Scooter over the next few days…

Doctor also said that we need to feed Scooter less to prevent his overeat-then-vomit behaviour, which means no more free choice for him. As for the causes, no particular cause, could be the change in diet, might not have been the durian he stole from us. He is also having a mild fever.

Scooter’s alert responses are still on full-alert as I write this, exhibiting the Flehmen response (mouth open), tail wagging in anger when I call him. Hope he gets better soon so that this whole feeding-syrup drama can be over for him, and us!

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