On Friday I had a small note slipped under my door from Marine Parade Town Council, one that had my unit number on it and said it was regarding: CATS issue. On that same day, Andy found this notice pasted on the wall below our block, and promptly removed it and brought it to me to show me –

It says feeding strays – stray humans included I reckoned, it didn’t specify in English what sort of strays – is illegal. Oh well, I guess I will never offer to buy a drink for any poor destitute demented senior citizen again. The best part is it says its an offence, that anyone who is seen feeding strays should be reported, not to the police but to the Town Council itself.

I guess the Town Councils have become criminal legislature enforcers. I never knew we had a new police force in Singapore. I certainly ought to inform our wonderful policemen that they are no longer the law enforcers of this country.

I think the Town Council folks must have visited me because I reported to the lovely policeman at Geylang NPC that my cat feeding station items were stolen. Now that is a crime, theft. But no, appreciating nature, acts of compassion towards ‘strays’ and the homeless, are criminal acts that can be prosecuted by my-oh-my the Town Council.

If they were to visit me and Andy again, I would tell them the following:

  1. Want to put cats to sleep? Why don’t you put to sleep the possibly illegal immigrants I might have as corner neighbours?
  2. Why don’t you do something about residents using our common balcony landing as their laundry area?
  3. Stray cats loitering around the corridors? Why don’t you ban children from playing on common corridors? They really disturb the peace of the neighbourhood with their noise.
  4. There are so many people throwing recyclable waste on our staircase landings and corridors. Why are there NO recycling bins in Ubi?
  5. There are no dustbins or refuse disposal units for the shops below my block, they are resorting to dumping their rubbish openly, why aren’t there enough dustbins?
  6. Why do you charge me a fixed late fee for my conservancy charges even though I made a partial payment? It should be charged by percentage of sum owed, not a flat rate.

And if they were to do anything drastic, I am going to call it my Paddy Chew moment where I put aside my dignity for the cause against the dreadful, archaic concerns of the misconceptions and laws in our country and make a sensational scene for the public to become aware of the ridiculousness of the situation.

By the way, feeding of stray cats is not illegal. See the poster below created by the cat advocates of our country, Cat Welfare Society.

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