Uno has been adopted!

Chris, who lives in Holland Village area, came by to bring Uno home today! He came dressed in all black, as if readying to take a Men-in-Black picture with his dearest Uno. Uno seems to really recognise his new human dad, allowing himself to be cuddled even though he usually is a ball of crazy energy that never stops dashing about the house.

Chris used to allow his two cats, one who moved to Singapore with him from Australia, partial outdoor access in Singapore but only to realise that our animal control and community tolerance is not humane enough to leave home cats with collar and ID tags well alone, so Uno will be strictly an indoor cat. Chris also has a house-helper who loves cats and will be caring for Uno while he is at work.

Liyin, Uno’s rescuer, also came to touch base with Chris and say goodbye to Uno. Uno is the last stray kitten to be rescued from Sunny Spring condo and his mother will be going for sterilisation in this coming week.

A big thank you to Chris who is giving a loving home to Uno! Chris also gave us a donation atop the adoption fee, the wonderful cat-angel that he is!

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