On Thursday night when we went to reconnaissance Joo Chiat Complex for this weekend’s neutering there, we rescued a small kitten, who is now named Akira. He is a one-month old male kitten, a lilac mackerel tabby.

Pictures taken by Melissa, whose home is where Akira is being fostered now. Akira was found sick, with conjunctivitis, and is now on medication till he recovers. We passed Melissa medication for his eyes (Ilium Opticin), Vibravet antibiotics and chlorpheniramine in case he has a runny nose, which thankfully he doesn’t. He will be available for adoption once his eyes recovers. Melissa has litter-trained him and is now weaning him off bottled milk, giving him fresh minced meat or Love Kuching’s Nutripe Chicken to start. Pretty soon he will be able to eat dry food too.

When Akira recovers he will be moving to mine and Andy’s foster home where we can host adopters and visitors that come to see him! For now, he will be rehabilitating in a great foster home. Follow Melissa on Twitter to read updates on Akira.

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