Bach Flower Blend No. 1 Rescue Remedy by Supra-Cell

I have been searching high and low for Rescue Remedy for pets, to use on our Love Kuching foster cats – for now, Serval and Helga. I was first prompted towards us investing in this product when I read that CRF cats benefit from flower essences. I was also recommended this product by various people in the pet care industry for its use in calming cats down in times of stress.

However, because our Love Kuching bank account has no debit or credit card linked to it, we are unable to purchase this product online and have to get it from a store. I also found that the regular Bach Rescue Remedy for humans contains alcohol, which means that cats cannot use it as their livers cannot metabolise alcohol. The only pet-version of the product I found that could be purchased from a store, was Supra-cell’s Bach Flower Blend No.1 Rescue Remedy. Unfortunately, the information at Supra-cell’s website is in German only.

So, for those of you wondering about this particular brand of Rescue Remedy, I have here, in English and with pictures, what this product is all about.

There is an insert within the box, and here is what it says:

7 Bach Flower Topics for Pets

If a pet becomes seriously ill, the same applies to a pet as to a person. The entire animal is always sick. Therefore the entire animal must be treated and not only its symptoms. Body, psyche and soul are one entity, if the balance of the pet is impaired and particularly if it has a chronic illness, the background is an unresolved conflict. The illness is a cry for help of the body, psyche and soul that something is out of balance; that a deficit, a weakness and a blockage exists.

For the pet owner it is important to be able to do something when he notices. My animal is sick, it is depressed, inexplicably aggressive, fearful or it mourns somebody. These originally psychological problems may develop into physical problems.

The idea to select seven items from the Bach flower therapy is based on the experience that these seven emotional conditions appear often in pets. It is new to produce a Bach flower blend in globule form for each subject. This makes it possible to take care of even the most sensitive pets if they get into emotional despair. The advantage of these blends is that the individual remedies strengthen each other and thus result in a higher whole.

The idea to assemble Bach flowers and to turn them into a remedy is not new. The inventor, Dr Edward Bach, did it already. The best known is ‘Rescue Remedy’ for emergencies. The superb effect on humans, pets and plants is well known. Dr Rosina Sonnenschmidt, homeopath and famous author for holistic animal medicine, composed these 7 remedies for pets.

(Next page of insert lists the available 7 blends Supra-cell has. The one we bought is Rescue Remedy, which states,)

1. Rescue Remedy: Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Clematis. This remedy is for all emergencies (shock, accident, trauma). It is the most important first aid measure and can be given until the animal has calmed down.

Dosage and application per animal per day:
Bottle contains 10g globules. The globules are put in the feed or drinking water…
Dog/cat: 5-10 globules
Pets: 2-5 globules
In case of acute problems: daily 2-3 selected times for 5-7 days
Chronic problems: 1-2 times daily for 4-6 weeks

For Serval, who has been drinking water, I placed 5 globules in his water which I change once a day.

The globules eventually dissolve on their own. For Helga, I put 2 globules in her water which I change 2 times a day. I will put her on 2 globules a day to help her body fight the CRF as a homeopathic remedy.

Actually for Helga the more specific blend to get her out of the Supra-Cell collection of flower remedies, is No. 5: exhaustion and recovery, but the No. 1 Rescue Remedy blend is a general cure-all for all cats in times of any kind of stress or illness. Hence instead of buying two different kinds, we just bought one to ensure that what we buy using the Love Kuching funds benefits as many of the cats in our care as possible and to save Helga’s veterinary funds for her mainstream CRF treatments.

If Serval doesn’t calm down by tonight, I will try putting the Rescue Remedy into the wet food I feed him up to three times a day. Will tweet on the feedback on this product. Bought this particular bottle at Pet Lovers Centre for $24.20 after discount.

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